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heidi grace photographer

Okay, I admit it. I’m one of those people who stops you as you are walking your dog so I can say hello – to your dog! I love animals, all animals in fact …. well maybe not mosquitoes.. or wasps.. but you get the idea. 😉

Your pets safety is my first concern – therefore keeping your dog on leash for the session is the norm. You may notice that the images on my website don’t indicate leashes were used but it’s simply part of my post-processing workflow.

Photographing animals is not without it’s challenges; it requires patience, love, quick reflexes and an understanding of animal behaviour. (It’s not unlike photographing toddlers actually… haha!).

I shoot on location so that means I travel in and around Calgary for my sessions. Whether you’d like the hip urban feel of downtown, the natural lush surroundings of a green space or the sentimental environment around your home – I’m happy to oblige!

(I also enjoy giving back by volunteering for animal related charities, events and adoption organizations. Please contact me if your organization needs help!)

I encourage you to take a peek at my online gallery and then contact me by phone or email so we can plan something special!