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Welcome to

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where we celebrate unconditional love!

Well, hello new friend!

(you didn’t have to knock, my dogs let me know you had arrived.) 

Welcome to my little corner of the web!  My name is Heidi Grace and I’m a professional photographer based in Calgary, Alberta and I exclusively specialize in pet portraiture.

I create heirloom portraiture of your dogs, cats, horses and more! 

(Yes, that’s right, I have the BEST job ever!)

Calgary Giant Schnauzer Dog Portrait

The Heidi Grace Pet Portraiture Process

This Is How We
Your Special Bond!


What clients say

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My boys are getting quite old and I wanted some memories of them before it was too late. My one dog, Dallas, is not the easiest dog to photograph out of his familiar space. Heidi was SO PATIENT! I really wanted a photo of my boys together.... and boy, did she get those shots!
She captured my boy's personalities, got incredible individual shots and now I have the most beautiful album you'll ever see!
E.C.NW Calgary
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I was pretty sure that there wasn’t a photographer who would be able to get a great photo of my beloved, old and somewhat infirm dog. Loki can’t stand for very long, has lost his interest in toys and mostly just likes to snooze. I couldn’t have been more wrong about his photo session!
Heidi was able to capture Loki’s essence and get quite a variety of expressions true to my old dog. She didn’t get just one stunning photo, but a great many. I am so grateful. He isn’t going to be with us for all that much longer, and having these wonderful photos of him is something I am always going to treasure.
W.L.Springbank, Calgary
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She took amazing care of me and my horse, walking us through the steps to get the perfect photos of my girl!
She is professional, kind and welcoming! I’ve never seen anyone handle both the people and animals quite as well as Heidi.
Y.W.North Calgary
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I rescued my dog from a shelter. Not even a month later I decided to get her portrait taken. Nezza didn't know her name yet and she was very nervous.
Heidi was SO patient with her. Heidi kept coming up with different ideas. She never gave up and was able to get some beautiful portraits of Nezza!
I look forward to our next session. A definite 5 star rating from me!
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