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Welcome to

Heidi Grace Pet Portraiture

where pets are family!

I am a Calgary Pet Photographer who specializes in artistic natural light
portraiture and studio imagery. I strive to create images that capture the beauty
and personality of your beloved furry companions in a fun and creative way.

Unconditional love…

Each animal is unique and just like us they have their own quirky personalities. They do things that make us laugh, roll our eyes (you ate the Kleenex again!?), and give us that look …you know the look I’m talking about… 

They give us unlimited affection, forgive our mistakes in the blink of an eye, and greet us with enthusiasm when we come in the door (even if we’ve only been gone 5 minutes!). It’s true unconditional love. How did we get so lucky!?

Let’s capture a few precious moments in time!

I encourage you to contact me today to share a little about your furry family members – please don’t wait until it’s too late.  I look forward to creating something really special for you and your unique little someone!


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