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Best friends live forever in the memories we keep.

"Immediately upon meeting, my dog fell in love with Heidi Grace. All of the images are absolutely stunning!
It is difficult to find someone that can truly capture your animals personality. I am so happy that I have these portraits to treasure!"

My name is Heidi Grace and I’m a professional photographer in beautiful Calgary, Alberta.

Let’s preserve your pet’s unique story!

I specialize in authentic story-telling photography for pets and their parents!  I’m dedicated to preserving your pet’s personality and the special relationship you share in heartwarming imagery.

Let’s create magic together in the beautiful outdoors!

After our session – what could be better than holding your memories in your hands?  Choose from a variety of heirloom wall art, bespoke albums and keepsakes to preserve your favourite portraits.  

Front-of-the-line booking is available for pets who are nearing the end of their earthly journey. Visit the Legacy Session page for more information.

I’m regularly booking weeks in advance (aside from Legacy Sessions) so if you’re considering a portrait session for your dog or horse – please don’t wait to reach out.  Call my studio line (403) 547 7740 or email me. I look forward to meeting you!

Calgary dog wall portrait

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Celebrate your furry friend in 3 easy steps

Together we'll preserve your special bond in heirloom quality albums and artwork

Reach out and book your complimentary discovery call with me! We’ll chat about your wants and needs and if we’re a match, we’ll plan a custom photography session that you and your dog will love!


You and your pet will enjoy a relaxed and fun experience. I’ll focus (pun intended) on capturing the unique spirit of your beloved pet and the relationship you share.

View the heartwarming portraiture created for you during our session and choose from high-quality wall art, albums and keepsakes to display and preserve your favourite memories. When your artwork order arrives, I will deliver it to your home to be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Ibizan Hound standing in tall grass in downtown Calgary
Portrait of a Australian Shepherd Puppy sitting on a log
Small dog sitting in grass and flowers

"I am a university professor who teaches entrepreneurial principles, innovating thinking and ethics-based business practices. I have never met anyone as empathetic to a customer’s needs as Heidi. She is a person of the highest integrity – dedicated to her clients."

The Pet Portrait Experience

3 Session types to choose from

Your dog is the star of the show! We will take your dog for an easy walk in our location of choice and I will create portraits of your best furry friend in a variety of natural poses. The goal is to capture your dog’s unique spirit and personality.


In this lifestyle session, we will celebrate your bond by capturing images that tell the story of your life together. You’ll have fun with your pup (walking, playtime and snuggle time included) and I’ll document your special connection. 

These delicate sessions are for pets that are elderly or terminally ill. Some people refer to this type of session as end-of-life pet photography or memorial sessions. We will pay tribute to your pet and preserve the legacy of your love in heartfelt imagery. Learn more here…

Sessions are $475 and include the following:

Artwork - Wall art, albums, keepsakes and digital portraits are sold separately and are not included with session.

Artwork starts at $475.

Photo of a portrait album with 3 portraits of a dog and his mom cuddling.
Yorkie dog in Apple blossoms Calgary
Black dog in Calgary wildflowers
Springer Spaniel posing on Calgary bridge

Complimentary artwork consultations are included in every client experience.  Using my design program I can show you how your wall portraits will look in your own home – precisely to scale!  This process ensures the perfect size, shape and aesthetic for your home or office before ordering.

Home office wall with a portrait of Calgary dog mom kissing her dog in a frame

My goal is to capture the love story between you and your dog and reveal it through authentic story-telling imagery. ♥

Dachshund dog posing on Calgary bridge
Doberman Dog in Calgary Wildflower Portrait
Scottish Terriers posing in Calgary autumn leaves

"The care and attention that Heidi pays to each and every dog is remarkable.
She is kind and compassionate and full of joy with each one!"

Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of dogs are on leashes during our entire session because safety always comes first. The reason you don’t see leashes in my portraits is because I have a special leash for clients to use that is made from the fabric of Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility.

Okay, not really, .. but I will remove them during my retouching process. 😉

I promise that your dog won’t be the first or the last that runs around like the tasmanian devil during a session! It’s an important and fun part of the session to capture your animals just being themselves! However, I do have tricks up my sleeves to get the images you’ll love.

(Exception: I’m unable to accommodate dogs that bite or are physically aggressive because safety is our first priority – but I’m happy to refer you to a local professional dog trainer just drop me a note here.) 🙂

Meeting new people and objects can be scary – I totally understand.  We will take extra time to have a relaxed meet and greet before the session. I’ll have yummy treats on hand and let your dog sniff my camera and lenses. Fun Fact – my camera is perfect for animal photography as it does not make any sounds at all!  I have long lenses I can use to be a fair distance away and all the patience in the world.

Living in Calgary with our constant weather changes that’s bound to happen from time to time. No problem we’ll simply reschedule for the next available date.

A bath the day before is just fine! I have found that clients like their images to represent how their dog looks on any regular day. If you’d like to have your dog groomed with a full body cut then I’d suggest having that done about 10 days before the session. Generally right after the groom their hair is shorter than a ‘regular day’ therefore a week or two of regrowth is suggested.

There is a variety of heirloom quality wall art, album and keepsake choices for you to choose from. You’ll receive my client guide which has all the information on sessions, artwork options, sizing, pricing and more. Complimentary artwork consultations are included in every client experience!

Yes and yes. I offer flexible plans that are customized for your needs. A thing of beauty is a joy forever…especially when that “thing” is artwork featuring your loveable hairy low-rider. 

Yes! They absolutely are!

Blue Heeler portrait in living room

"Heidi Grace puts such care and dedication into her work. Love and passion into every click of her camera.
She is kind, courteous, and the epitomy of professional."

Sign up your dog for the 2024 Tails of the World project!  

"She treats her clients and their pets like they are her dear friends. She is very patient and encouraging.
The detail in the images she captures is amazing - priceless! I will cherish them forever!"

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