Animal art for Veterinary Clinics

Calgary dog standing on boulder landscape portrait


You know how you take one look at an image of an adorable dog and you say “Aww…..”? 

Or see a photograph of a dog with a soulful expression? “Ooooh!”. 

The vast majority of people feel the exact same way!

Did you know that just the image of a dog has been proven to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms? 

Or that advertisements featuring a dog model increase the chance of a purchase by 56%? 

If you’re hungry to read more about this phenomenon, here’s an article about the benefits of dog wall art. 

The stats are undeniable; you see an endearing image of a canine and you can’t help but smile to yourself and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

This is the power of animal wall art.

Hello! My name is Heidi Grace. I am a homegrown Canadian Professional Photographer and I’m passionate about animals.

I regularly support animal rescue and welfare through fundraising projects, donations, and volunteering with local animal rescues such as the Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation and the Canadian Animal Blood Bank.

Today I’m here to share with you how refreshing an area of your veterinary clinic with an eye-catching portrait of a local animal will benefit your business while also helping animals in need!

Selfie with a goat and a sheep
Obligatory goat selfie with an adorable photobombing sheep.

As fellow animal lovers, your clients are going to feel the same way you do

when they are greeted by engaging, fun and heart-warming portraits of dogs!

wall art portrait of a dog hanging above a Calgary veterinarian clinic's reception desk

Kind Words...

“It was important to me to create a warm environment in the exam rooms to help keep clients, and their pets, at ease. Heidi Grace’s work has done just that; it epitomizes the human-animal bond we all share.

From the soulful eyes of the dog presiding over our reception desk to the engaging playful images in our exam rooms, our portraits are eye-catching conversation starters, often garnering remarks from the clients on how the dog’s character radiates from the portrait.”

– Dr. Catherine L. Kerr,  Edgemont Veterinary Clinic

Animal wall art is proven to foster a trusting environment and positive atmosphere.

Your clients and staff will instantly feel a stronger connection to you and your veterinary business - and that’s what it’s really all about!


Mood-boosting & Socially Conscious

In 2019 B.C. (Before Covid), I began looking for more ways to spread joy to others through animal artwork, specifically in the demanding industry of veterinary care. Having had multiple discussions during my research stage with local Veterinarians, Veterinary Technologists, Pharmacists, Office Managers and Reception staff, I have a much better understanding of how challenging (and common) burn-out, staff retention, compassion fatigue, and mental health challenges really are. And, let’s be real – the pandemic certainly didn’t help anything!

My mission for the Veterinary Animal Wall Art Project became clear. Spread joy and lift the spirits of everyone who steps through the door of your vet hospital each day – while simultaneously helping animals in need by donating a portion of the artwork proceeds to local registered charities. 

Downtown Calgary office waiting room showing a large dog portrait on the wall
Example of a Comfort Room with colour harmony and matching dog wall art.


What can animal wall art do for your veterinary business?

  • Lift the spirits of your staff members who put their hearts and mental health on the line every day to care for our beloved pets.

  • Create a warm, trustworthy environment where your clients and their pets feel right at home.

  • Rejuvenate your clinic’s atmosphere with striking imagery of local dogs.  

  • Turn on the ‘good feeling’ generator knowing your business has contributed to helping more animals from local registered animal rescues and charities. #goodkarma

  • Pride that the conversation piece hanging on your wall were created by a Canadian artist featuring local dogs – from Calgary no less! 😉 #yahoo  #supportlocal

“The warmth and joy Heidi captures in her photography is undeniable and one of a kind. Seeing her images in the clinic
brings a smile to my face and can console clients in hard times. I would highly recommend her artistry to enhance any space.”

Dr. A. Chan, Rocky Ridge Pet Hospital
wall portrait of Pekingese rescue dogs
A single feature image can be the perfect ice-breaker for a new client!

Let's get started

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step One:

Submit the form below and we’ll schedule a complimentary design consultation to identify your business needs and wall decor preferences.

Step Two:

I will provide you with a virtual mock-up of the wall you’d like to feature your artwork. You will see exactly how your artwork will look on the wall of your own personal vet clinic – precisely to scale. This process ensures we order the perfect size, shape and aesthetic for your individual office space and budget. 

Step Three:

Deliver and Display! Each wall art piece is delivered ready to display, is personally signed and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. And, if your clinic is located within Calgary and the surrounding area I can provide you with professional installation of your new artwork!

Framed canvas of dog watching a leaf fall in Calgary park
Portrait of a dog hanging on the wall of an office boardroom in Alberta
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