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Pet Portraits on Location

storytelling pet portraiture

Let’s capture your love story in authentic story-telling imagery!

a couple kissing while holding their little poodle between them in winter, photographed by heidi grace in calgary alberta
a woman cuddling her large dog into her neck as she smiles with her eyes closed. Photographed in inglewood, calgary by heidi grace

The Outdoor Pet Portrait Experience

3 session types to choose from

Your dog is the star of the show! We will take your dog for an easy walk in our location of choice and I will create portraits of your best furry friend in a variety of natural poses. The goal is to capture your dog’s unique spirit and personality.


In this lifestyle session, we will celebrate your bond by capturing images that tell the story of your life together. You’ll have fun with your pup (walking, playtime and snuggle time included) and I’ll document your special connection. 

These delicate sessions are for pets that are elderly or terminally ill. Some people refer to this type of session as end-of-life pet photography or memorial sessions. We will pay tribute to your pet and preserve the legacy of your love in heartfelt imagery. Learn more here…


All sessions are $475 and include the following:

Artwork - Wall art, albums, keepsakes and digital portraits are sold separately and are not included with session.

Artwork starts at $475.

a portrait album laying open showing 2 pages with three portraits of a chocolate labrador dog and his mom cuddling, taken in a Carburn park, Calgary, Alberta.


“Looking at my wall art gallery I feel moved to see the way Heidi Grace captured my dog and me together.
I’m SEEING the feelings I have for my dog in the most beautiful artwork! I can’t recommend it enough! Thank you!”
– L.M., Tilley’s Mom, Calgary, AB


I create a relaxed, fun and stress-free environment to create timeless photographs of your pet. I don’t expect them to be well-trained or follow commands – so don’t let that hold you back from enjoying this experience with me!

Black framed window box with a portrait of an Australian shepherd puppy inside. Artwork by Heidi Grace Pet Portraiture, Calgary Alberta

The best time to document your pet's life with no regrets? Now.

dog mom smiling down at her dog while her dog is reaching his head toward her, they are surrounded by a bush with white flowers and a blue sky with cloud behind them. Photographed in a south Calgary park by Heidi Grace Pet Photography
a boston terrier dog leaning in to kiss his human mom on the lips, photographed in a Calgary park by Heidi Grace Pet Photography
a dog mom embracing her bloodhound dog and looking into the distance, photographed in Fish Creek Park, Calgary, Alberta.

Animal Art for your Home and Heart

Complimentary artwork consultations are included in every client experience.  Using my design program I can show you how your wall portraits will look in your own home – precisely to scale!  This process ensures the perfect size, shape and aesthetic for your home or office before ordering.

a beautiful pet portrait album laying on top of its case, featuring a doodle dog on the cover photographed in Calgary, Alberta. Heidi Grace Pet Portraiture artwork.
Home office wall with a portrait of Calgary dog mom kissing her dog in a frame
Wall art of your pet decorates your home with love.


What clients say

dog mom hugging her labrador dog around the neck, photographed in Carburn park, Calgary, AB
portrait of a doodle dog with her mom and dad in the autumn leaves, photographed by Heidi Grace
sweet senior pitbull kissing his dad in the forest, photographed by Heidi Grace in Calgary, AB

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Black pomeranian dog smiling at the camera on a white background. Photographed in studio by Heidi Grace Pet Photography in Calgary, Alberta

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