Man’s Best Friend: Calgary Dog Dads

Hey Calgary dog dads! Are you scrolling through social media and seeing endless photos of women cuddling their adorable pups? Feeling a little left out? You’re not alone! The truth is, there are as many dog dads as dog moms. Men also get down on the floor for sloppy kisses, have epic fetch sessions in the park, and worry when their furry friend isn’t feeling well. But where are all the pictures? How is your relationship being preserved? It’s time to showcase the special bond between you and your four-legged companion!

Man sitting on a boulder holding his dogs - one in each arm. Photographed in a Calgary park in the summer.

The Love Between Men and Dogs

There are a few reasons why men might not be posting as many “selfie with dog” photos. Maybe you’re a little more reserved about showing your softer side online. Maybe you don’t feel that you have a great picture with your pup. Or maybe, just maybe, you haven’t had the chance to capture those special moments with your dog in an authentic professional way.

“As an introverted man, I find it very difficult to show my emotions, but during the session with Heidi Grace I was able to express my true love and compassion for Luna without holding back. The pictures truly reflect all the emotions I feel for her. Unfortunately, Luna recently passed away and although she is no longer with me, the portraits remind me of our bond and the wonderful time we shared together.

M.D., Luna’s Dad

Let me tell you, there are so many reasons to capture your relationship with your dog. These photos are more than just cute pictures – they’re memories preserved. They’re a way to celebrate the unconditional love and companionship your dog brings to your life. Imagine flipping through an album filled with detailed portraits that tell the story of your adventures together. Years down the line these photographs will become priceless keepsakes, reminding you of how your dog brought you sticks, retrieved the ball for you, shared countless walks with you and cuddled with you on the couch after a long day.

Calgary man holding and kissing his dog.

Beyond the “Puppy Dog Eyes”

Let’s be honest, we know our dogs are cute. But there’s so much more to capture than just those adorable puppy dog eyes. A professional pet photographer, like me, knows how to showcase the unique personality of your dog.

These photos go beyond cuteness and tell a story about the incredible connection you share. Imagine a photo that perfectly captures the pure joy of your dog leaping into the lake to retrieve a frisbee, or running to you while having fun at a park. These memories are best preserved with professional gear and expertise, and that’s exactly what you will get when working with me.

Man kneeling beside his pitbull dog who is licking him on the chin. Photographed in the Calgary downtown area.

Relax and have fun – let me do the work

Maybe you’re worried about your dog not behaving during a photoshoot. Let me assure you, I’ve seen it all! Here at Heidi Grace Pet Portraiture, I’m experienced in working with all kinds of furry personalities. I can create wonderful photographs of your dog even if he/she has no training and wants to go-go-go! I know how to create a fun and relaxed environment where you and your dog will feel comfortable. (Don’t take my word for this – read the reviews from previous clients). The most important thing is to capture and preserve the bond between you and your pup while you still can. I’ll take care of the details – and you simply focus on having a fun day with your dog!

Small puppy looking over his human dad's shoulder. Photographed in Edworthy Park in Calgary.

Ready to Show Off Your Dog Dad Skills?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to break the internet with pictures of your amazing canine companion. Let’s show the world just how much men love dogs too!

Contact Heidi Grace Photography today to schedule your dog dad and pup portrait session. We’ll create stunning photos that capture the love you share with your furry best friend. And who knows, maybe your photo will be the one that inspires other men to proudly show off their own special bond with their dogs. You might even start a new trend – like a #DadDogDuo hashtag to take over social media! 😉

Pawsitive Vibes, 🐾

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