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Outdoor Dog Photography in Calgary

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. Captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten.

signature session

Your dog is the star of the show in the signature session!

Outdoor sessions provide a wide variety of images and backgrounds. You may choose between the natural lush surroundings of a green space, the hip urban feel of downtown or the sentimental environment around your home.

We will take your dog for a easy walk in our location of choice and I will capture images of your best furry friend in a variety of natural poses. I’ll be working to create images that showcase your dogs unique beauty and personality.

Safety is my first priority so your dog will remain on leash during the session. I’ll remove the leashes during the retouching process of your chosen portraits.

Signature session portraiture is presented and preserved best with a piece of wall art, a showcase portrait box or a set of display blocks.

Sessions include:

Art products and digital files are sold separately and are NOT included with session.

Calgary Dog Photographer Wall Art

Complimentary artwork consultations are included in every client experience.  I can show you how your wall portraits will look in your own home – precisely to scale!  This process ensures the perfect size, shape and aesthetic for your home or office before ordering. Professional wall art installation is available upon request.

yorkshire terrier in calgary park

My goal is to capture the love story between you and your dog and reveal it through authentic story-telling imagery. ♥

My Dog & Me: A love story

If you’re anything like me your dog isn’t just a dog – your dog is family.

Dogs are beloved companions who give us unlimited affection, forgive our mistakes in the blink of an eye, and greet us with enthusiasm (even if we’ve only been gone 5 minutes!). This is true unconditional love and it deserves to be professionally photographed so you will enjoy these treasured memories forever!

In this lifestyle session we will celebrate your bond by capturing images that tell the story about your life together. You’ll simply be having fun with your dog (walking, playtime and snuggle time included) and I’ll document the special connection between you.

We’ll enjoy a day of love, laughter and heartfelt candid moments…

Lifestyle love story sessions are best presented and preserved with a storybook album, a showcase portrait box or a set of display blocks.

Sessions include:

Art products and digital files are sold separately and are NOT included with session.

“Photography is the art of frozen time… the ability to store emotion and feelings within a frame.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of dogs are on leashes during our entire session because safety always comes first. The reason you don’t see leashes in my portraits is because I have a special leash for clients to use that is made from the fabric of Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility.

Okay, not really, .. but I will bring a leash with me that is specifically meant for me to remove during my editing and retouching process.

I promise that your dog won’t be the first or the last that runs around like the tasmanian devil during a session! It’s an important and fun part of the session to capture your animals just being themselves! However, I do have tricks up my sleeves to get the images you’ll love.

(Exception: I’m unable to accommodate dogs that bite or are physically aggressive because safety is our first priority – but I’m happy to refer you to a local professional dog trainer just drop me a note here.) 🙂

Meeting new people and objects can be scary – I totally understand.  We will take extra time to have a relaxed meet and greet before the session. I’ll have yummy treats on hand and let your dog sniff my camera and lenses. Fun Fact – my camera is perfect for animal photography as it does not make any sounds at all!  I have long lenses I can use to be a fair distance away and all the patience in the world.

Living in Calgary with our constant weather changes that’s bound to happen from time to time. No problem we’ll simply reschedule for the next available date.

A bath the day before is just fine! I have found that clients like their images to represent how their dog looks on any regular day. If you’d like to have your dog groomed with a full body cut then I’d suggest having that done 1-2 weeks before the session itself. Generally right after the groom their hair is shorter than a ‘regular day’ therefore a week or two of regrowth is suggested.

There is a variety of heirloom quality wall art, album and keepsake choices for clients to choose from. When we connect I’ll send you my client guide which has lots of information on sessions, artwork options, sizing, pricing and more. Complimentary artwork consultations are included in every client experience!

Absolutely! A thing of beauty is a joy forever…especially when that “thing” features your loveable hairy low-rider.

Yes! They absolutely are!

Blue Heeler Portrait in the woods

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"The bond with a dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be.” – Konrad Lorenz

Yorkie dog in Apple blossoms Calgary
Black dog in Calgary wildflowers
Doberman Dog in Calgary Wildflower Portrait
Dachshund dog posing on Calgary bridge
Springer Spaniel posing on Calgary bridge
Scottish Terriers posing in Calgary autumn leaves


What clients say

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My boys are getting quite old and I wanted some memories of them before it was too late. My one dog, Dallas, is not the easiest dog to photograph out of his familiar space. Heidi was SO PATIENT! I really wanted a photo of my boys together.... and boy, did she get those shots!
She captured my boy's personalities, got incredible individual shots and now I have the most beautiful album you'll ever see!
E.C.NW Calgary
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I was pretty sure that there wasn’t a photographer who would be able to get a great photo of my beloved, old and somewhat infirm dog. Loki can’t stand for very long, has lost his interest in toys and mostly just likes to snooze. I couldn’t have been more wrong about his photo session!
Heidi was able to capture Loki’s essence and get quite a variety of expressions true to my old dog. She didn’t get just one stunning photo, but a great many. I am so grateful. He isn’t going to be with us for all that much longer, and having these wonderful photos of him is something I am always going to treasure.
W.L.Springbank, Calgary
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She took amazing care of me and my horse, walking us through the steps to get the perfect photos of my girl!
She is professional, kind and welcoming! I’ve never seen anyone handle both the people and animals quite as well as Heidi.
Y.W.North Calgary
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I rescued my dog from a shelter. Not even a month later I decided to get her portrait taken. Nezza didn't know her name yet and she was very nervous.
Heidi was SO patient with her. Heidi kept coming up with different ideas. She never gave up and was able to get some beautiful portraits of Nezza!
I look forward to our next session. A definite 5 star rating from me!

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