Meet Zoe: Doberman

Meet Zoe! She’s a 9 year old Doberman with an addiction to tennis balls! 

This beauty was my first Doberman session and to be honest I have never had the opportunity to spend any time with this breed before so I was very much looking forward to meeting her.  She did not disappoint!  In fact I love every portrait I made of her and it was almost impossible to narrow them down to a reasonable number for her parents to choose from. (And that is saying a lot because I’m a very tough critic of my own work…).  Take a peek at her beautiful eyes, happy smile and gorgeous colouring, what’s not to love?!

Her mom told me Zoe often intimidates people because of her looks and simply being a doberman, but she is very loving and affectionate and she doesn’t realize how big she is and will often jump on your lap and curl up.  She shared with me that Zoe has had allergies her whole life, but she has never let them bring her down. She is always happy and excited to see people and her furry friends.  What a great ambassador she makes for her breed!  We love you Zoe!

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Pawsitive Vibes, 🐾

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