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Gip & Gran: A Touching Story from a fellow Dog Photographer

Dog Photo 1918

This is a 100 year old picture of my Grandmother’s dog, Gip.

Her family were farmers in Tennessee and very poor. My Gran was 6 years old and begged to be allowed to take a picture of her beloved Gip. She was forbidden, as a camera was an extravagant luxury for their family. She snuck out one morning and took Gip’s picture never realizing that when the film was developed, she would be undone.  She said the whole family got a great laugh out of it.

Many decades later I was with her when she breathed her last….

After I let go of her hand I reached into her pocketbook and took Gip’s photo.

I knew it was there. It was always there.

What we do is important.

♥  Victoria Stautzenberger

Pawsitive Vibes, 🐾

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