Dog Wall Art:
A Natural Mood Booster

Have you ever noticed that when you look at a dog you instantly smile? Heck, it doesn’t even have to be an actual dog,  an image of one is enough to give the majority of people the “Awwwwww”s! 

Imagine that each wall of your company office has a portrait of a happy pooch just doing their thing. From reception areas, waiting rooms, clinics, or meeting rooms, doggy wall art is a tried and tested way of influencing the way people feel about you and your business. 

In fact, it is such a primal, instinctive response in most people that it is almost like cheating. Almost. 

But don’t take my word for it. Here are some proven ways that dog wall art can help bring you closer to your customers (and anyone else for that matter!)

Calgary dog standing on boulder landscape portrait

An Instant Ice Breaker

Dog people have a tendency to get along like a house on fire, and the social interactions that result from bonding over a shared love for dogs are innumerable. 

It is of little question the impact that doggy wall art can have on people and the interactions that occur in various spaces. Dogs have a proven effect on reducing mental health symptoms and improving the mood of those around them. 

By capturing these effects in doggy wall art, you can reap the benefits of the unconscious impacts doggy wall art has on a person’s sense of well-being and good feelings associated with the space and people they are interacting with. 

Mood Booster

It is a well-known fact that dogs reduce your stress levels and boost moods. The very act of patting releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, plays a key role in our social behaviour and influences feelings of recognition, trust, and bonding. 

Dogs have the renowned ability to cheer us up, whether they appear in person (or is it “in dog”?) 😉 or in a portrait, drawing, or some kind of art piece.

People tend to feel calmer and have reduced feelings of stress and anxiety when entering a place of business that features wall art that encapsulates the social and calming nature linked with dogs.

“It was important to me to create a warm environment in the exam rooms to help keep clients, and their pets, at ease. Heidi Grace’s work has done just that; it epitomizes the human-animal bond we all share.”  Dr. Catherine L. Kerr,  Edgemont Veterinary Clinic, Calgary, Alberta

Canine Therapy

Dogs have a large impact on how people feel about their well-being. For example, when viewing images of dogs, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD are alleviated by around 57%, all while promoting an easy transition to new social interactions with potentially unfamiliar people. 

In addition, images of puppies have been known to increase the ability of people to focus on details and behave more deliberately. Images of puppies can bypass the conscious minds of individuals easily, and influence the unconscious perception of a business or brand. The cuteness associated with dogs and puppies affects people’s cognition and behaviour in ways that can be beneficial for businesses or advertisers.

By adding dog wall art into your business, you can reap the benefits of the positive impact dogs have on people mentally and emotionally. 

A Shared Connection

In recent studies, 74% of people identify themselves as dog lovers, and 58% of Canadian households own at least one dog or cat. The total pet population in Canada reached approximately 27.93 million pet in 2020! This creates an immediate shared connection in spaces where animal wall art is displayed.

Oxytocin, the “feel-good hormone”, increases by around 300% when people look at images of dogs. In addition, these images inspire feelings of trust, along with other feelings of positivity. 

When dogs are used in advertisements, consumers are 56% more likely to purchase from that business!


There are many advantages to dog wall art. For one thing, it can help to brighten up a room and make it feel more welcoming. Dog wall art can also be a great way to show off your love of dogs and express your personality. And of course, it is a great conversation starter, “awww, will you just look at that sweet little face!”

Whether you are interested in displaying a single eye-catching feature image – or multiple portraits throughout the walls of your office or home – consider connecting with me! I will provide you with a virtual mock-up of each wall you’d like designed. You will see exactly how your artwork pieces will look on the walls of your own personal space– precisely to scale. This process ensures we order the perfect size, shape and aesthetic for your individual office space and budget. 

When you purchase animal wall art from me a portion of the proceeds go to the registered animal charities that I regularly support! Not only will it brighten up your space and bring you and your visitors closer, but it will also support a homegrown Canadian artist AND give back to the animal community. #supportlocal #feelgood 

Reach out and connect with me today 🙂

Pawsitive Vibes, 🐾

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